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What is a Multi-Sensory Environment?

Sensory rooms, sometimes referred to as a Multi-Sensory Environments (MSE) or Snoezelen room,   are self-contained therapeutic spaces filled with a variety of equipment that caters to the development of our senses. They contain the tools to work on  limitations of movement, vision, hearing or cognitive ability - obstacles that, for some, can impede on everyday enjoyment of life. 

They offer a more nurturing and recovery-oriented therapeutic environment and can be found in nursing facilities, day treatment centers, schools and childcare.  The list continues...long-term care facilities, respite care homes, hospitals, emergency rooms  are often home to multi-sensory spaces.

As a larger part of the general population experiences pain, perception problems, space constraint issues, behavioral difficulties and so much more, public spaces are starting to recognize the benefits of MSE's. Places such as theme parks, airports, libraries and hotels are incorporating sensory lounges into their building plans and making space for these much needed resources.

The optical, acoustic, olfactory and tactile stimuli of a multi-sensory environment allows for the therapeutic exercising of concentration, attention and alertness. In addition to stimulating memories and improving movement, they can increase creativity, social relations, communication and provide a basic understanding of the world around us.

Most importantly, they are calming, nurturing and safe spaces that provide users with the opportunity to explore and discover at their own pace. 

Multi-Sensory Spaces - Early Childhood 

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Multi-Sensory  Spaces - Special Needs

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​Multi-Sensory  Spaces - Long Term Residential Care

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Tactouche Services

Room Design and Installation 

Designed from scratch or incorporating your current equipment, Tactouche  offers a turnkey sensory space.

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Outdoor Sensory Paths and Gardens

Mother Nature offers a perfect multisensory environment.

With a little help from Tactouche, add a beautiful and original new space to your outdoor playground.

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Sensory Room Equipment - Maintenance and Repair 

Trust Tactouche to diagnose (and solve!) technical problems... and you'll have your beloved sensory space  working again in no time! 

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Tactouche can help you optimize your space and the efficiency of your equipment by

providing updated training & training manuals, regardless of the original manufacturer.


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