About Tactouche Inc. 

Tactouche Inc. was born out of a desire to make the world a more multi-sensory experience, created by a family whose own special needs require a tactile and sensory sensitive environment.

Our personal experience  has shown us how sensory deprivation and integration play such an important role - not only in our human development, but also in our personal comfort and emotional needs.

In a family where communication does not fit the typical mold, we have learned to adapt to what works well.

At Tactouche, we hope you'll find as much value in our products as we have over the years.

More than anything, we recognize that your decision to create a multi-sensory space is a major project requiring a significant financial investment.

It is with this attention that we will manage your important sensory project.

Personalized Service

The very first step in designing your multi-sensory space is to discover your needs.

Tactouche will work directly with you to determine the best tools, equipment and space required.

All this will be based on an overview of your clientele (age range, special needs, health status among others), the availability of your space and your


We will also incorporate into our planning any sensory equipment you already have.

You will only have one contact throughout the process.

Prolonged Warranty & After-Sale Service

While most multi-sensory distribution companies offer a one-year warranty on their products, 

Tactouche will take full responsibility for 2 years.

Not only will we provide an extended warranty, Tactouche will visit your room every 6 months for 2 years to make sure your product is in good working order and well maintained.

We are not a Distribution Company 


Tactouche is not a distribution company

In fact, selling product is not really what we do.

First and foremost, Tactouche works with you to build the sensory space that best suits your needs.

Then, we shop the market for product - 

we deal with multiple suppliers and make purchases to find the best product at the best price.

These savings are transferred

to your budget - because after all, our raison d'être is to build the best space possible with your budget. This is what we're scored on, isn't it? 


Proudly Quebecois 

As often as possible, we use local suppliers.

We are proud not only of our beautiful province, but of our artisanal approach. We design each space with the intention of using as many Quebec products as possible.

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(438) 225-2654

Les Coteaux, QC

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our reputation speaks for itself, of this we are proud!