Sensory Equipment Diagnostic & Repair 

Is your sensory equipment sitting in a closed room, collecting dust?

The Tactouche team has seen too many multi-sensory rooms underutilized due to equipment malfunction.

The fix is often an easy one -  but if you're not familiar with it, it may seem intimidating.

Trust Tactouche to diagnose (and solve!) technical problems... and you'll have your beloved sensory room back in no time!

Sensory Equipment Repair & Maintenance

As beautiful as multi-sensory rooms are, they often contain sensitive and expensive equipment that require regular maintenance.

Often, when sensory equipment fails, it is linked to inappropriate care. Regular cleaning, changing water sources and untangling optical fibers will not only ensure a longer lifespan, but will create a more enjoyable and soothing experience for the user.

Find out how Tactouche can help you keep your sensory room in excellent shape. In addition to a complete disinfectant cleaning, our planned service visits will keep all your equipment in working order.

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