Salles Multi-sensorielles

Multi-sensory rooms are specially designed environments that provide an immersive (inclusive) sensory experience for people with diverse abilities. The equipment contained is at once stimulating and relaxing, working to develop the various obvious (and not so obvious!) senses works with sensory integration and sensitivity

Typically, you will find that most sensory areas are created as a closed room, allowing more control over the required lighting and noise levels.

However, as sensory integration begins to play a more important role in communication and education, we see a greater emphasis on creating sensory environments in open environments, sometimes visually outlined by colours or curtain dividers.

Educational and daycare facilities are getting rid of outdated "reflection spots" and "thinking zones" to make room for sensory "retreats" - a specific area created to work with a child's basic needs for comfort, communication and care.

Bubble Tubes

A bubble tube is one of the most common items used in asensory environment. It is a wonderful tool that responds to a variety of senses.

The soothing nature of a bubble tube will help to relax and calm. This can be especially useful when de-escalation is necessary.

In addition to being soothing, a bubble tube has the power to stimulate the senses. Moving colors, bubbles and optional plastic fish are a great way to help sensory development, especially the visual.

The development of color recognition, the exploration of cause-and-effect,  and the encouragement of interaction are just a few additional benefits of the sensory tube.

Fiber Optics 

In addition to being visually captivating, there are several advantages to using one (or a few) fibre optic harnesses In a multi-sensory environment.

The smooth plastic encasings are wonderful for the sense of touch, when feeling either  individually or as a group. 

 They can be held or gently drapped across the body as  a soothing weight.

Rub individual  strands together to  create a soothing sound. Gently rub on materials (such as soft play or clothing) to amplify the noise and create more unique sounds. Gently drop the tips onto soft play and listen to the gentle clicking

Different color progression of lights and optional interactive switches can stimulate the senses and teach cause-and-effect.

Strands can be distributed in a variety of shapes and swirls and encourages movement, sharing and free thinking

Soft-play and Comfort Seating 

Soft play furniture and padded flooring provide the ultimate comfort zone for exploring.

While it's important to consider wheelchair access, flexible play is are an integral part of your sensory space.

Padded bubble tube podiums are multi-functional as comfortable seat, balance and stability for the bubble tube and also provide a soft support when you are sitting on the floor.

Since Tactouche designs and manufactures all custom baseboards, we can meet a variety of requirements.

Weight and size of users, medical devices and wheelchair access are some of the things we take into consideration when building our custom bases and furniture. 


Projection is a powerful tool to facilitate change in a multi-sensory environment.

They are often used to promote relaxation and can visually appeal to those of all ages.

Projectors play an important role in sensory stimulation and can be used for reminiscence therapy or to stimulate communication.

For children, they add excitement to storytelling as well as pure imaginative pleasure.


Tactile Play

Touch panels and activity walls are a great way to communicate various tactile experiences.

Warm against cool, bumpy against flat, rough against smooth ...

If you don't have the wall space available for a touch panel, be sure to incorporate tactile objects into your sensory space. Spikey balls, mobile boards, fabric and material boxes are all great ways to add more depth to the tactile experience in your sensory room. 

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