Multi-Sensory Environments - Early Childhood Care & Mainstream Education 

Sensory rooms are an excellent resource that enable early childhood educators and mainstream schools to become more inclusive. With an expanding number of children being diagnosed with various disorders,  mainstream institutions have more reason than ever to create a more integrated space.

With a focus on sensory integration and sensitivities,  sensory rooms provide comfort and familiarity in an environment that may otherwise seem overwhelming, over stimulating and intimidating. In bringing in Sensory stations and spaces for their special needs community, schools are starting to recognize the various benefits that a multi sensory space can offer all of their students. 

From diagnosed disorders to hormone related emotional difficulties, to circumstantial life events -  students of all levels, grades and abilities can use a sensory space as a way of self-regulating, calming, soothing and getting in touch with their own emotions. 

Many early childhood care centres have a nursery with babies who are very young and have created their sensory area (or room within a room) with this in mind. They are wonderful for babies, who are developing their senses from their first day of being alive. The correctly installed equipment in a sensory room will stimulate their brain, leading to vast learning opportunities. For this reason, it is important that your sensory space be tailored to children of any age. In essence, a sensory for is designed for freedom of discovery, free of any dangerous obstacles that could diminish the experience of limitless exploration. 

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