Multi-Sensory Environments in Special Education & Needs 

Sensory rooms have long been associated with special needs integration and therapy.  They are often found in specialized health care, special education facilities and hospitals alike. Respite homes and long term care facilities often incorporate sensory spaces into their current space, or build new spaces with these important rooms planned out in advance. 

Sensory rooms help by: 

• Stimulating the sensory building blocks

• Developing of a sense of cause and effect

• Developing language – more vocalization

• Promoting  social interaction where previously avoided

• Promoting  mental and physical relaxation – Stress levels drop dramatically and anxiety is undetected

• Lowering aggressive behaviors

• Increasing opportunity for choice and self-determination

• Improving communication and sharing

• Leading non-responsive patients to become communicative

• Providing  relief from pain and painful physiotherapy

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