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If it has something to do with sensory, Tactouche engages!  Sensory spaces are where we like to play.

They are where we create, diagnose, fix,  learn and train. 

Our experience working in a multitude of sensory spaces has allowed us to learn all the devices - how to use them, take care of them and keep them in good condition.

We have seen through a multitude on environments, responding to a variety of special needs,  the therapeutic benefits of properly installed and utilised multisensory equipment and tools.


Room Design and Installation 

Designed from scratch or incorporating your current equipment, Tactouche  offers a turnkey sensory space.

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Outdoor Sensory Paths and Gardens

Mother Nature offers a perfect multisensory environment.

With a little help from Tactouche, add a beautiful and original new space to your outdoor playground

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Sensory Room Equipment - Maintenance and Repair 

Trust Tactouche to diagnose (and solve!) technical problems... and you'll have your beloved sensory space  working again in no time! 

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Sensory equipment is not complicated to learn - yet it takes a general overview to understand the basic applications and features of each tool.

Tactouche can help you optimize your space and the efficiency of your equipment by

providing updated training manuals, regardless of the original manufacturer.

We will also provide the required training to as many staff as necessary.

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